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    Post New and wondering if people experiencing what I am

    Hey everyone,

    I am new to this forum and decided to join so I can have some support and hope people understand what I go through. I have support from friends but they don't suffer anxiety as bad as me.

    Anyways I'm here because today I woke up suddenly without breath and tried to catch my breath and while doing so my heart started racing. I've gotten fed up with this feeling. I've had anxiety since around 19 and I'm 23 soon. I would say the waking up breathless started at 19. After some Google research it just says heart failure when you lay down but when I first experienced this feeling, I had fallen asleep sitting up! So it doesn't only happen laying flat.

    At around 19 I also had my first panic attack. Not sure how that even happened since I don't have much to worry about except some social anxiety and some worries that life throws at me every now and then. So now, almost 23 years old, I sometimes experience waking up breathless and heart racing. During the day I'll sometimes (not everyday) experience shortness of breath or heart palpitations. This leads me to thinking something's wrong with me and leads me to an anxiety attack.

    I'm also not sure if drinking caused it. Anxiety did start in my college era and of course turning 21, I often get a drink when I go out. I haven't seen a doctor because it scares me and don't have flexibility with work. Google searches don't help bec I have no problem exercising and don't have any other symptoms really. I would like some heart tests to narrow things down

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    Panic attacks often happen for no particular reason - in fact, a lot of people experience their first panic attack while they're asleep, with nothing worrying them at all. Given you have no problems with excercise, it is probably a result of anxiety, not a physical issue, but if you're concerned seeing a doctor might give you some reassurance if you can make time for one. Googling your symptoms is usually the worst thing you can do, I swear every time I do it I think I have some horrible disease.

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    Googling what is "wrong" is a sure fire way to trigger panic for me. You can link any symptoms to a deadly condition, that in reality is not possible for you, so try not to do this to yourself it will pay dividends to avoid the web doctors.

    I use to get a lot of palpitations and breathing stress from stress (obviously) and caffeine, I even went to the ER where they literally told me I was healthy as a horse and needed to reduce stress, nicotine, and caffeine. I cut caffeine and nicotine out of my life and I nearly eliminated palpitations from my life.



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