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    SAD - the other way round

    Hiya, does anyone else feel sad in summer but happier in winter?
    i know there's a disorder which is called SAD where suffers feel really depressed in winter but happy in summer.
    I'm agoraphbic and been completely housebound for 3 years and in my 4th year of agoraphia i have been getting out a bit more but in summer i used to get really depressed because its sunny and feel like i should be out enjoying it but in winter its an excuse to stay inside and keep warm.
    just wondered what everybody else thinks.

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    Summertime - hem, the beautiful rays of sunshine, children playing and laughing, people going out and visiting with each other. It makes me feel like a shmuck! I feel like some weirdo because I stay in a lot. During the winter I don't feel as guilty about staying in. When spring starts to come around my anxiety starts to heighten at the thought of someone calling and saying, "Hey, let's get out of the house and go somewhere cause it's going to be a sunny, warm day!" I want to socialize more and I do love spring and summer, but I feel the same way you do: During the cold season the pressures off to go out. Snow storms make me happy (hee, hee). Warm seasons I'm more depressed.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been housebound. Anxiety is a terrible thing, so terrible. I hope that things get better for you. Take little steps. I think the most important little steps that can take you the farthest is to imagine going out before you do. Keep picturing yourself going out somewhere - keep it a simple and short outing. As you imagine going out you will have anxiety, but as the anxiety comes do positive self-talk and always tell yourself it is ok to go back home whenever you want, even if you only get a few feet from the door. Do not feel bad if you do not complete what you intended. The more we beat ourselves up emotionally, the more anxiety and panic we have to endure. Always have an "out" and feel good about it. The more we positively try the better it gets.

    Oh, it sounds so easy, but I know it's not. I remember when I had been housebound with panic attack after panic attack and when I wasn't panicking I was depressed about my panicking.

    I have "Opposite SADâ€
    “Embrace denial to shield the racing thoughts of fear.â€

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    Hi! I totally understand about the 'reverse SAD', although mine is moreso because we get disgustingly hot Summers over here, and sometimes the feeling of being hot and out of breath can bring on anxiety for me (although it's getting better lately). I'm so sorry to hear that you are also housebound - it sucks, doesn't it. However I also get more 'down' in Winter... I guess I'm just a spring-and-autumn person. Go with the baby steps... Don't push yourself. I keep pushing myself too far and landing on my butt. But also don't let yourself curl up into a ball and let the anxiety win - you're stronger than the fear.
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