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    Quote Originally Posted by Naor View Post
    Besides the cures whose you take . did you also treat by coversations?
    in the fast did you ever try cope with the anxiety or only you "plunged" to the attacks due the mass pressure ?
    I basically had my first one out of no where... I thought I was having a heart attack. They were so bad I had to go on pills... Unfortunately. And been on since ... I am terrified to ever try to come off Bc those were the worst 6 months of my life I wanted to die .... Have u noticed weight gain or it hard to lose weight?

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    I am realy don't sure whether I had read something about weight but i will tuch in a little general point . then there's some impact to the medications of anxiety's treatment about weight gain
    from my exprience i can say that there's a little chance to the weight gain but its usuelly happens when has an elevated dose of the medications and can feel it usuelly at the beginning and the feeling is of over appetite. (from your describe i believe that's not the situation)
    for now I am realy recommend on early visit on your physician in order to get conversations's treatment
    I believe that it are going to help you quickly!
    Good luck and update
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