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Thread: Work Advice

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    Work Advice

    Hello...I'm new here and just looking for some advice regarding my current situation. In brief, I have social phobia and suffer from agoraphobia. It has only ever affected my personal life and I've managed to keep working. However, in February I started a new job at a great organisation that will greatly benefit my career (it is a hospital). I've been off since end of March as my dad was ill and then I started having anxiety attacks again (I hadn't had any for about a year or so). So, I've missed the last three weeks of work. I Was meant to go in today but ended up over sleeping which has left me in more of a panic (I have trouble sleeping at night as well). I basically don't know what to do. I am so scared to go back. It feels silly but I am worried people will say things about me or to me (they have previously said little comments about me being new to the job etc but I've been able to brush it off). As the shifts are 13 hours it means literally spending more than half the day with my colleagues and I am absolutely petrified of going back in, I don't know how I will cope. Has anyone had to deal with this before? I feel a lot of pressure on me as my partner and I live alone and so have bills to pay etc and at the moment I just feel like I'm being very irresponsible and failing at life.

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    You'r not failing at life. You need to understand that people generally don't care what you do. If you put yourself in a colleagues situation, would you really be that bothered if they had 3-weeks off work? You might ask them what they've been doing out of curiosity, maybe even tease them a bit.....but really you wouldn't care what they had been doing or even why they had been off for weeks.

    It will be the same for you, people will probably ask you where you've been, but they'r not judging you because they simply aren't really that bothered what you get up to.

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    It’s always important to try to get along with colleagues but don’t worry too much about what they'll think because you took some time off. After all, they don’t sign your paycheck.

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    Yeah. I agree. What's the current situation?



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