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    You guy's knew i would chime in on this one.
    Here it is...... IT is not for everyone that's a given. There are different strains and potencies and all people are different. It may take you several tries with different strains before you find one that hits the "sweet" spot ( like a woman ) but you may have some really bad experiences getting to that sweet spot ( never had that with a woman). On the other hand some people take right to it and have no problem. I guess it just depends on if you can handle the possible side effects that DO GO AWAY with weed. If you decide to try it be responsible and take it slow, like a very little at a time.
    I personally love the uncontrolled laughter that you can acquire with certain strains, Laughter is so powerful.
    " it is better to keep ones mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt ", Mark Twain.

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    a lot depens how terrified we are. Ponder I would never ever let anyone smoke it in the house. It stinks, My guys get out when they do, It helps some people with , heck what is that disease atrophy or muscles? It help them breath so it does to me. Having a years of problems with my lungs, it is what i notice the most , one puff and I feel like I can get as much oxygen in my lungs...........But yes it can f***ed people up totally
    I think it should be legalized so It would stop being so attractive to youngsters. What's forbidden, causes curiosity
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    Excuse me, I'm off to get high........so high!
    It's what your right hands for..

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    It worked for me for a long time, about 12 years. As my circumstances changed I gradually phased it out. I still think places like Colorado have it right - people should be able to choose for themselves if they want to consume that substance. It did me no harm and actually helped me stay employed and sane.

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    A'ight, time for my two cents!

    Although I was around marijuana as a kid (my dad was in a rock band...it's like being raised by wolves, kinda) I didn't smoke recreationally until I was 25. It was hilarious, by the way--two friends who knew I could give a rip how they spent their time and money were smoking, and one of them got spacey and handed me the pipe, so I took a hit and passed it along. About the third time this happened, the guy who'd been handing me the pipe, who by then had known me the better part of 8 years, suddenly whipped around and said "Hey, wait a minute! You don't smoke!" So I took a hit, passed the pipe, and answered "I guess anything can change, right?" I miss that fella, who was killed in a non-drug/alcohol-related auto accident in 2007.

    Recreational use only made me paranoid when I was doing stupid things like going to sci fi conventions with greenage and paraphernalia on my person. It always helped pull me back from the yawning brink of depression and disaster when the then-undiagnosed panic would take hold.

    On the STRONG recommendation of my therapist, later this week I'll be seeing one of 2 doctors in my county who signs "green cards". My therapist was very specific about suggesting I try edible preparations, which would be a necessity now anyway. One of my neighbors has been ignoring my artificial scent allergy for about 6 years now, and her dryer vent's directly below the only way in or out of my apartment. I racked up 3 emergency room visits and 2 emergency followups with my primary MD in FOUR DAYS last week, which ya might recognize as Christmas week. Turns out ALL of my allergies (smoke, artificial scent, neoprene, ACE inhibitor drugs) can now turn lethal at any time for the rest of my life and they do NOT have to warn me first.

    I've never had a problem putting the smokable down and walking away, and I'm the same with alcohol. I've taken diazepam for 16 years without noticeable ill effect other than sleeping too much and waking up not feeling rested ever if I have to take it for too long. So far I have managed to fail to develop tolerance to diazepam, for which I am profoundly grateful. And when I don't need it, it's another thing I have no problem walking away from. The only 2 things I ever had trouble getting off my back were cigarettes (cured by salmonella...somehow...my life is WAY WEIRD like that) and methamphetamine (moved to Canada for about 6 months, had no money for drugs, and back then Vancouver BC was ALL about crack and heroin). I remain optimistic, and I'll be happy to share my experiences here if I do get approved.

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    Discovered one little secret useful to anyone in a state with medical-use laws. When you apply, send everything Certified! That way, it turns out, not only does someone have to sign for receipt of your paperwork, they're required by USPS regulations to open it in front of the carrier before the transaction can be listed as completed. Got denied on my 1st round because I didn't sign up to be my own grower/processor on the grounds that to do so is an automatic-eviction offense according to my lease. I didn't have a provider to sign the alternate form, because the paperwork made it sound like there was a state-maintained list of providers that would be mailed to me. Turns out they expected me to "just look it up on the internet"! Ummmmm...no. Just NO. Luckily, someone I trust knows a licensed provider and using the recommendations that provider made I was able to find someone with time and room in their client list, so the amended paperwork is on its way back--Certified Mail again! Timing could hardly be better, really, since I've just developed a physical health issue that may lead to both minor AND major surgeries so my stress level is going up sharply. Fingers still crossed...

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    I've noticed (I've only smoked a few times) that small amounts of marijuana don't do much for relieving anxiety however it does give me a little happiness and keeps my mind occupied for a while. However I had a one very bad reaction once and will never touch the drug again.

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    Pot just gives me panic attacks I used to be able to smoke it not anymore I prefer to drink! Still a depressant I know but it does not make you anxious whilst under the influence which is why I prefer it.

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    It does take ALL kinds of people to make the world go 'round, and a lot of people do not do well with cannabis. Sometimes it's about the format; I know at least two people who find it beneficial for non-anxiety problems. One of them cannot smoke and so (until the state jacked her permit renewal from $50 a year to $470) used edibles, primarily hard candy. The other also cannot smoke and must be VERY careful about other formats due to pancreatitis and allergy to chocolate. No brownies, fudge, or candy for that one, but they have responded quite well to infused oil taken orally.

    And while I'm sure there are so very many people out there who'd jump all over you about alcohol, JenOX, you don't strike me as the kind of person abusing that drug! We should all, as human beings, be able to medicate some things as needed AND with what we know works for US while the medical industry keeps ignoring reminders that not all bodies and brains are the same and so whatever "magic bullet" pill is newest on the market isn't automatically the best thing for every patient. Personally, I cannot take SSRIs after Paxil just about killed me.



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