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    EXTREME Muscle pain? Please help, ALS??

    I appreciate anyone that can give me any advice. I am 24 years old, and every morning I've been waking up with the most debilitating achy pain all over my body, that usually lasts about 2 hours or so. It's typically only in the morning and makes it hard to even move, so unbelievably painful. I've done BASIC blood tests (no special diseases) and just went in for an MRI yesterday. No results yet.

    I'm writing this because just the other day, the muscle in the middle right below my ribcage started fasciculations (spasms) nonstop for about 24 hours. That stopped, and now it's happening all over my body. Today marks the most painful morning I've ever had as far as my muscles go. I got about 8 hours of sleep last night. The fasciculations make me terrified that I might have ALS. They are not going away!

    I am so lost, I have no idea what could be causing these extreme pains whenever I wake up (sometimes from just a nap). And I am terrified of ALS with the muscle twitches. I know anxiety can cause many symptoms, but this pain is unbelievable. Doctors are clueless, and haven't given me even a name of a disorder that could cause the pain. Does anyone else have this? Please tell me it's not als

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    Obviously, nobody on this Board can diagnose what may be wrong with you. But just statistically, given our age, ALS would be EXTREMELY unlikely. Go get a good, comprehensive medical workup and figure out whether there is something physical wrong with you. If there is, the doc will tell you how to address it. If it turns out there is nothing physical wrong with you, then you can begin to address the anxiety and/or other psychological condition that may be causing you to feel as you do. But it won't help you to pick out the worst dreaded diseases you have ever heard of and assume that you have them. That will just cause you added stress.

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    Good advice there from Kuma. Muscle pain/twitches can be caused by soooo many things..
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    Could be as little as lack of minerals in body
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