Hello all I am 27, 360 and 5'11" I was rushed to the ER a few days ago because of hot flashes,chest pain,arm hurting etc. They did two EKGs,X-Ray,Bloodtests(of all sorts),reflexes etc. The only thing they saw was of concern was that I have an occasional extra heartbeat and they said my blood pressure was high. (Was getting around 160/105) At the highest point. I told them I have anxiety but they still said I need blood pressure medication. I have not taken it yet, in fear that I do not need it because it is my anxiety causing the blood pressure spikes. (I have really bad anxiety to where I can not function without medication.) I have become obsessed with high blood pressure but I get anxious when using a blood pressure cuff and it is always high.

What do I do? Do I really have high BP? or is it just my anxiety?

Please help, I really feel overwhelmed and anxious.