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    Anxiety and it's related stuff have ruined my life. OCD has always tormented me. Anyways, I will leave my life the way It is till the End. I have lost soo much to Anxiety. My GF left me due to my incredible wiredness.

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    Things get better just give it time. Everyone has anxiety to some degree some have it worse than others. Don't be so hard on yourself I have OCD too and I know we can be our own worst enemies. You will find someone who accepts you as you are. That is her loss not hers. I am sure you are a nice person.

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    I also don't feel normal. I've never felt normal in my whole life.

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    No one is completely normal in all aspects of life, so don't be too hard on yourself.

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    What is normal? I hear you though. It's interesting...when you start sharing and opening up you learn that a lot of people, even those you would least suspect, have had struggles with anxiety or depression. I know it's hard, however you need to find someone that will love you for who you are and that you can be yourself with...just my two cents!



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