So people who know me know that I stopped taking Sertraline (Zoloft 100 mg) after seven years. Getting of them was easier than I thought. I had to however, since the doctor wanted to put me on Citalopram instead.
When I went back to the doctor after 4 weeks, I was unsure if I experienced any improvement. My attacks have disappeared at home, I got pretty good control over it and I can guide my thoughts pretty well and tell myself what is happening to me in order to get through or avoid a panic attack. The problem still occurs outside, where I still feel to restless to be able to think. Now, I do realize that I am the cause of my panic and that I am the only one who can stop it. Sometimes it is so hard though, because I get into such a state I cannot think at all. That is why the doctor recommended to still be on medication for a while.

Now after nearly 8 weeks on Citalopram, I am good at home (which I was before on Zoloft as well) but extremely bad outside. I can stay at certain places now, I don't run away anymore, but I still experience such heavy symptoms that it drains me completely. I can sit through a panic attack without running, so that is improvement. Countering them sometimes works, but the medication I am taking has little to do with it. I still want something that actually works so I can get rid of this anxiety once and for all and start reprogramming my thinking properly.

Anyone had the same struggle with medication? And what type of medication did you end up with?
Quick clarification, I suffer from agoraphobia en social phobia due to a lack in self-esteem and confidence. I have accepted that I am the cause of my panic attacks and that I am the one to stop them, but since there are more underlying issues, medication is still needed.