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    Unhappy Terrified I have a brain tumor or something else life threatening..

    So I signed up here 3 years ago at the beginning of 2012 when my biggest fear was disease and illness and I went through the whole of 2012 experiencing symptoms that mimicked symptoms of illnesses such as brain tumours. I was always conscious of my health with it always worrying my mind. By 2013 it was all over and I was absolutely fine, the symptoms went and I haven't used these forums since.

    For the past 2 months I have been getting frequent chest pain in my left that feels like stabbing and tightness; severe pain in my left arm, too. I haven't worried too much about it, it has gotten worse so I considered going to the doctors but I'm absolutely terrified. I'm a supposedly healthy teenager, active, great social life and happy. Last week I had the chest pain but it then escalated and I felt dizzy, I couldn't see properly and I had numbness down my left side, I started to panic during the onset of symptoms. Since then I have had headaches on my left side, weakness, twitches, weird sensations in my body that last for about 15 seconds (I believe this is aura as this can be the only thing it is), occasional nausea, anger outbursts and tremors. I haven't worried that much about it and tried to block it out however it feels like it's getting worse and I'm terrified to go to the doctors because I don't want the tests done, for them to tell me something is wrong. I wonder if it's down to my healthy anxiety symptoms coming back even though it's been years and I haven't been that anxious, I don't feel the same worries self I was in 2012. Does this sound concerning to anyone or does it sound like anxiety?

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    I don't know about anyone else but chest pain and especially numbness down your left side should always be checked out, can anxiety cause it? Yes. The problem is people here could tell you it was just anxiety and it MIGHT not be.

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    I agree with Bean. You need to go to a doctor and get yourself checked out. Even if you are afraid to go to the doctor, you need to do it anyway. Millions of people go to doctors and you can and should do that too.

    Then, if you get a clean bill of health and you and your doctor conclude that your symptoms are attributable to anxiety, then you need to work on your anxiety -- probably with the assistance of a therapist or other professional.



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