Therefore, I had to take a day off from work today to deal with gastric upset and feeling tired and flushed too. I just came back from Dollar Tree, and again encountered a fast speedy car as I crossed in the cross walk. He got there before me, so I let the impulsive sucker go. but he would never have stopped in time at the speed he was going had I chosen to use my disabled cane and went without glasses to and from the store.....He was going about 55 miles per hour. And what I hate about all the crosswalks round here is that the cars cant even see us until we are about 20 ft into the street on the side where cars are parked at an angle to the curb. Therefore, when I stepped out into the street in the crosswalk today that car was going so fast that had I gotten any further out I would have been road pizza. They seriously need speed bumps or some sort of lighted crosswalk for the cars , esp on the side with cars parked at an angle in a long row towards the curb but protruding out at a 150 or so degree angle. That's the body weight which i am working towards. Anyhow, every time i come or go to Dollar Tree i am negatively reinforced by this impulsive and rapidly moving traffic. But i never drive to the store. I walk whenever i can, because i can. Thank you God for allowing me to be able to walk to the store or wherever i need to walk. but i do pray that my anxiety in going outside of the house is eventually lessened by constant exposure , hopefully in due time...??