I was doing sit ups at gym when I went to sit up the room began to spin and I felt ill. So I lay back down and then got up, tried a few other gym apparatus and had to leave after only 20 min workout due to feeling like I was nearly going to pass out. It was cold that day too. My pulse was very slow, I was very dizzy and laying back on the apparatus was a nightmare almost. Furthermore I realize now that since I had abruptly stopped my meds for my muscle cramps and began a caffeine diet pill and a Mucinex for chest congestion plus my AD meds for D, that this may have been a temp lethal concoction? It actually felt good when I lay back and nearly passed out. But I couldn't see them doing CPR on my bare chest , a lady and I do have a big European chest too. Oh, the Mucinex also causes dehydration plus I had all week long been working out quite vigorously too.