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    College Student.. Help

    Hi there, I am a college senior and I am dealing with a lot of anxiety so much so that my muscles shake every single day. I've had this intense feeling for the past 3 months. At times, I am so inside my head I forget where I am and lately it feels like I'm losing touch with reality and forgetting who I am and what I want in my life.

    Does it go away? am I ever going to feel normal? What did any of you find helpful when dealing with extreme intense anxiety? Should I take medication that I've been prescribed?

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    Do nothing and it may ease over time, or it equally may not.

    The good news is that you're actually aware of your symptoms of anxiety and they're a big red flag telling you to take some action.

    It's up to you. if you learn about anxiety and how it works, and are prepared to do a little work you can beat the anxiety and become a far more awesome person than you ever thought possible.

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    I understand what you're going through.
    I'm in the final year of my GCSE's, and I feel so disjointed from everything. People keep telling me it's the most important year of you're life, but I really lack motivation.
    I'm always in a dream like state, learning is much harder in this state!
    Good luck! Ryker gave good advise.
    I can't give you any real advise, I can only share how I feel.
    What you think, you become



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