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    Cool Must drive to auto mechanic's today anxious.

    Also I must then go for an MRI of my fibroids. Then I think I will come home and relax for awhile and then go for my walk. Tomorrow I must make myself do some basic food shopping and p/u a few hoody's at Wal-Mart for the cold weather. I was not going to go to work on Monday as I felt overly stressed out on Friday. But I may. I just hate commuting to places where I don't normally commute to. And this past Friday was so stressful that when I took my walk in the evening after dinner I almost tripped and fell out of pure exhaustion.

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    It's good when it's all done though!

    I hate it when I see my diary filled up with trips to London or Manchester to see customers and really don't look forward to those weeks coming up. But they come and they go. It's nice to get them over and done with.



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