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    Cool Went to work today but neck and back pain ALL day.

    I get so tense that by the time I get to work my body is already in knotts. I take a muscle relaxant BUT have run out and now my body is in knotts. So probly NOT until Sat will I refill my rx for that. I tire easily too with all this muscle pain. Also my jaw and teeth are tight too. I need a professional massage like 2x a week BUT cant afford it, and there aren't too many nice massage places round here to really go to. I wish my gym had a masseuse who made rounds there. I'm sure he/she would do well for business. I think m,assage is far more important to the athletes at the gym than the room that takes up space for a HUGE TANNING Device. That'z exactly where I would want a massage bed to be placed for a professional sports massage weekly. I wish someone would talk some sense into the club owner.....

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    Have you ever tried Alexander technique?

    Might be worth finding some online resources to have a look at. I went on a course many years ago and was amazed by the results.


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    I would love to have back pain instead of agoraphobia and anxiety. Back pain whilst unpleasant and excruciatingly painful if you've a prolapsed disk or sciatica is tolerable, you know it won't kill you or make you go insane. Anxiety attacks on the other hand bring the fear of death and depression is just like living death.



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