Has anyone ever tried using the Midwest Center cds/booklet? I ordered it a while back, went through the first few chapters, and my "fears" at the time had gotten better so I stopped using it. Now, with my main fear being me having a heart attack because of my chest pains and shortness of breath, my anxiety and panic attacks are worse than ever. I have went through different stages where different "fears" were consuming my mind, but never like this one. I have been to the ER 4 times in 9 days. The most recent being last night. They have done tests and said my heart is completely fine (I'm 25, run daily, don't smoke, and don't have a family history of heart disease.) but I still think about this all day long. It completely consumes my mind, and then my chest tightness gets worse, and I notice the shortness of breath more too. Anyways, has anyone had success using the Midwest Center package? I started it tonight and I am hoping it starts to help.