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    Sep 2014

    Cool Made myself go shopping @ Wal-Mart today.

    Hardly any good candy left over from Halloween. But I did find 2 very comfy nightgowns for a very reasonable price, and 2 leisure bras too. I am already planning ahead for this coming rainy season. I'm buying my comfy clothes for round the house on the most dreadful rainy days I'll be prepared like a Girl Scout...Still so anxious that I have managed to scare my menses away this month.....I didn't walk today. Went to Dollar Tree instead and purchased a few necessary and a few unecessary items, then came home had left over Asian Cuisine and got ready for bed already...Thatz it folks. My life is very very very boring and uneventful.....

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    Hi. Uneventful and boring are underrated. My life is the same. And as far as not taking your walk... you walked around dollar tree. Give yourself some credit for that! Have a great night!



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