Nikki for many exposure does eventually work. Their nervous system "corrects" so to speak after seeing that if you do stay in the situation and see for yourself, the worst doesn't happen, it fades(more calming GABA is made and less adrenaline in the brain and body).
Couple possible problems(and hence the disorder). (1)Not all can tolerate the anxiety and (2)sometimes anxiety doesn't fade away completely(but it lessens).
If you have given this your best effort, tell your doc so and ask if it's proven 100% true that the anxiety clears. He's lying or not knowledgeable if he says yes BUT that has to be be tried otherwise you'll never know if it would or would not go away in your case. I don't know the percentages on this. They'd wind up medicating many folks who could otherwise overcome their anxiety instead of just those who could not tolerate it or anxiety never fades enough (so they have to try this).
Assuming you have had psychotherapy to see if a source can be found and addressed for your anxiety, it might be time to try a med. First would be an ssri which boosts serotonin. It's believed that low levels of this can cause improper functioning(dysfunction) of both GABA(calming neurotransmitter) and Adrenaline(fear neurotransmitter). The ssri helps raise serotonin to help the brains chemicals work more like their supposed to. That's the theory anyway.
All I'm saying is that if you cannot tolerate the anxiety or it never seems to fade and it's effecting you this way for a long period, a ssri should be tried.
Of course this is a personal choice and you must be the one, along with your doc on if, when, what med should be tried if at all.
If you can tolerate the anxiety keep at it as well as educating yourself on anxiety as a subject and it often clears or is very much reduced. I wish I could promise that's always happens. I know it can be beyond uncomfortable. PM me any time. Alankay