I just returned from my local Dollar Tree.

began feeling rapid rapid heart beat as i decided what to buy, and of what of what to choose w/in my what to buy group of item choice.

I'm a wee visually impaired so this can be a challenge for me at times.

Swimming is the best way for my eyes to relax believe me or not.

I see well w/ my goggles on and they are kind of like horse blinders thus helping me focus on point B from point A, etc until I change to the next set of reps and or stroke series of reps.....

There is a lot of Repetition in a swim workout when swimming for laps and not just technique.

Enough of that said.

on my way to the store I heard this high pitched braking and car squealing simultaneously, as if 1 was learning how to drive a stick shift car.

only it was a big , white, ford 250 type of truck.

The type of car I would least likely ever Learn how to drive a stick shift in.

So me and the lil lady outside the store had something in common to chat about.

Then I went in and began feeling overwhelmed over choices.

This happens every time I go into a store or boutique.

Anyone else out there in Anxiety-ville Forum have similiar experiences???

How about the sports? Any sport help you to feel less anxious???