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    Cool So their flipping through those red lights , turning right---fast!!!

    I hate witnessing these cars on this 1 particular corner that are notorious for turning Right on the Red Light as the car with the left turn Light having to pause and use caution for the cars running the RED LIGHT.....

    Today it was a bit OBVIOUS, a huge, big, RED, rig ran the Red Light, turning onto the Blvd turning Right.

    At the same time the small car had the light to turn Left.

    i never turn Right on this particular light when my straightaway light is Red.

    It is a very dangerous corner to turn Right on a Red Light.

    Plus, I have an excuse for NOT Running the Red light, as I am in the second lane over,and therefore have a choice whether I wish to go straight or turn Right.

    Furthermore, even if I am turning Right, and the cars always do tailgate, and I sooo hate this.

    I still choose to wait until my light is Green before I turn Right onto the quick Blvd.

    If they don't like it they can go into the Right Ln and then run the Red light turning Right Fast!!!

    That's like REDRUM----sp backwards---REDRIG----???

    What movie was that from? The Amatyville Horror? (1984ish???)

    Well, I was just The Witness, oh plus there was a cop Right there @ the corner on the other side heading the opposite direction too, like DIRECTOR/MOVIE????

    Perhaps it's all me???

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