I hate when I don't know what to expect for my day ahead.

I am currently waiting for an assignment to magically appear on my job screen.

I usually accept Jr and Sr H.S level jobs.

But today all they had were elementary and 6th grade jobs.

I'm comfortable currently subbing at the higher grade levels.

Its frustrating.

This system punishes us when we Reject so many assignments, then it fails to provide any more jobs on our account for the day.

Like it takes our rejection Personally.

So I'm waiting, and waiting and keep checking this system. They should know by my History, that I haven't subbed at the elementary level for some time now.

Currently I prefer working with the older kids.

I love working with children too, but during the heat wave I like to have a break between classes. A breather, before the next group enters the room.

Plus , then we are able to have different classes most of the day, w/ different people, and different energy levels.

So, if 1 group is difficult, I may reward the next class w/ colorful pencils because it's a smaller, and much calmer group of students.

I hope I work today, otherwise it's just house work and shopping at Dollar Tree, and hum drum, boredom today.....all day.

god please give me a substitute assignment for today, and Not have to be home bound ALL day long.......


Gotta watch that kat....he caught Cabin Fever, and was like The Shining. Only he was trying to ruin mom's fav china collection. NO!!!!!!!