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    Sep 2014

    Cool went shopping and to the bank today, but didnt want 2

    I had to.
    Had to go dep $ for the landlord.
    Had to p/u food and drink at the store after.
    Hate eating but I will pass out if I dont .
    I have low blood sugar if I skip meals.
    I also become Oscsar of Seaseme Street if I skip meals.
    I totally wish I could skip meals.
    I would save hecka money and fit in nicer jeans and feel happier I tink....?
    But food rules me, and I must go dep $ at least 1x per month.
    Must shop at Wal-Mart 2x a month.
    Must see other food place at least 2x a month.
    Must do Cosco 1x a month, during day when not too many shopping all at once.
    This is crazy isn't it ?
    Its all about me avoiding having to waste extra Energy to do something I dont really want to do but I must do.
    And that makes my back hurt just thinking about it!!!
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    Indiana, USA :)
    Congratulations Blue!
    You got out of the house, and that's a good thing.
    Have a good day.

    I made a sock puppet,..and liked it. SO THEN I JUST TOOK A PILL.
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    I hate shopping too everything is sooo expensive now. Lack of funds is a major source of anxiety for me.
    "Because there is a war on for your mind" infowars.com

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    Thanks, and it felt good to get out.

    Only once I got back home i was too hot and exhausted feeling.

    That's why i was home all day after.

    No work and no where else to run to....Not be bored.

    At least when the cold weather gets here, on the weekends I glove up, put on some music and clean the kitchen....just because it needs it.

    Gotta p/u New air filters for this seasons heater.

    Every 3 months actually it needs changing, due to my allergies I get the best type I can afford. But I did house cleaning yesterday too.

    Swept and mopped and tested out the New Vacuum.

    My bro p/u a better 1 as the 1st one stopped aspirating with the nozzle part. Hope this 1 lasts at least 1 yr.

    Vacuums these days are like "Disposable."

    They are cheap and plastic, and Not made like the old Hoover models....

    They don't even have vacuum repair specialty shops for these new , plastic, fancy, air bag vacs.

    But it's a business that could probly benefit everyone.

    Otherwise we must throw away an entire vacuum or pay shipping and handling fees just to,m See if the company will even replace a part while under a warranty.

    And like me, no receipt so no warranty.....but itz REALLY a hassel anyhow....Its not worth it......

    Probly feel diff about a new car though. They are plastic these days, and come w/ a warranty too. but there is always a shop to drive in to.....

    Currently too anxious too go car shopping.

    Too overwhelmed feeling to decide on a brand.

    But think it would be either the new Mazda 5(red car commercial?) or the Toyota Corolla.

    Love the Buick Verano but I feel to young and Not worthy of that car , in life yet...By the time I feel old enough for that type of car I'll be too darn old and broke to afford 1.

    Plus they just had a bunch of recalls on American cars sooooooooooooooo?????
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