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    please give me your input, i am new to all of this and need to find my direction!

    ok, so last month, around this time, i began to experience certain symptoms after 3 really stressfull days at work. now, i am not sure if stress can cause any of the symptoms i am about to list and i really dont know if the effects of stress could still be felt/experienced this long after the stressfull events went away( about 1 month).
    the first night, after the stressful day at work, i went home and i could not unwinde. i was really wired, and falling asleep seemed near imposible for me. when i lied down, i felt an uneasy feeling in my body; i felt my arms and legs really restlesss. i had to move, rotate, and flex my hands and feet to ge the feeling to go away. on top of all of this, i began to twitch. my twitching on the first night was mainly on my left forearm and left tricep. the following two nights, i saw an increase in restlesness, and the twitching became a bit more widespread, but more so on my left shoulder, tri, b i, and forearm.

    These are my symptoms:
    -twitching: comes and goes, mainly on my left arn, but also in my hamstrings, thighs, calfs, abs, butt, and other parts. the twitching is not always there.

    -body jerks: mainly at night, but can occure during the day. almost like a jolt.

    -inter body vibrations, or buzzing feeling

    -i feel my heart beating

    -undescribeable sensation in my left arm and leg: almost as if a little feather were tickling me.

    weakness, or percieved weaknes: i feel as i cant do things right, mainly in my left side. my left hand feels uncoordinated, dumb, weak, and its just off. also my left foot.

    -sleep: my sleep is off too. i wake up really, really early... feel unrested.

    -i get a feeling of having a lump in the back of my throat that comes and goes.

    - i feel like i cant talk right, my tongue feels fatter, and more uncoordinated.

    -im super thirsty

    -at times i feel i have trouble breathing in deep.

    -the little flap in my throat seems to give in under its weight or movement, causing me to choke a little.

    - i get light to moderate headaches.

    -mouth goes from bone dry to too much saliva.

    Are these symptoms things any of you can relate to?

    please respond, i am having a major anxiety/panic attack. i googled ALS, and i lost it.

    please be detailed.

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    Hi there, many of your described symptoms fit in with anxiety/panic. But first you should consult the doctor first to rule out other heath issues. I had suffered episodes of anxiety/panic attacks at times for decades so I speak from experience. It looks like you should do something to unwind the stress build up in your body, or see the doctors to see if they can prescribe something (such as benzos) to help deal with the anxiety/stress. In the mean time, try do some slow exercises, such as leisure walk or hiking, going to watch a comedy show/movie etc. You need to de-stress the body to prevent more build up of anxiety. Mentally, you should think through the challenges you face to see if you can learn to internalize or accept these challenges without too much emotional or negative response. Try to be positive. It can only help and nothing to lose by being more positive.

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    it is so hard to see a way out of this right now. i know i need to think logically, but when ever i get these symptoms, i let the fear of having ALS take over.

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    Take it easy friend. They're all symptoms of anxiety and I'd almost be 100% sure it's anxiety. However, just so that you can calm down, get it checked with your doc.

    Remember, whenever you think you have ALS,a heartattack, cancer or whatever - you worrying is not going to make it better. Wish you best of luck, friend.
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