I wish I wasn't so darn heat sensitive.

I cant leave the house until the sun begins to set in this hot as heck weather.

I can't go shopping

Or, even window shopping, which i at times would luv to do on a day off from work.

I ran to the store and p/u bare necessities for food for the week.

Otherwise I feel like a prisoner on some sort of House Arrest.

I hate this summer climate annually.

I wish every summer and through the end of this heat that I could take a cruise and stay somewhere until this CA climate cooled way down.

So I end up waiting for Eternity cuz this seems to take forever to happen.

If I had to be outdoors for more than an 1 hr period on a hot day I think I would barf. And at worst die of heat exposure and sun sensitivity.

I hate walking on eggshells, over these extremez!!!

I'm entitled to my personal judgments and dislikes.....

This Green House Effect is gonna be the bees that we all feared when we were in 8th grade. They were on the way from Africa and due by the time we were adults. So far the only bees that take peoples lives from Africa is the AIDS Virus and the Hot as Heck weather like the desserts of Africa.....!!