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    Cool My agoraphobia and what I don't do.

    Because I am extra sensitive to certain elements I don't:

    I don't
    travel to any new places alone.

    I don't
    drive on the freeway often.

    I don't
    go out in the hot sun very often.

    I don't
    go to large gatherings very often.

    I don't even swim laps anymore for I feel extra sun sensitive, now in my 40's.

    I don't apply for jobs that require a commute of more than 5 miles.

    I don't apply for any jobs that would seem like a waste of gas and personal time, and if I felt I would not be hired anyhow.

    I don't
    shop at the mall much, w/o feeling overwhelmed by lights and colors and loads of people during Big sales...

    I don't even visit my brother for the commute brings up old memories of times when I did commute and this agoraphobia was NOT much of an issue back then.

    I hate my AGORAPHOBIA.

    My Dr's don't even ask about it.'
    And like the military : "Don't talk about, 'IT', and we won't ask about it. !"
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