Hi everyone,

May you all be anxiety free this beautiful morning. I have been having some minor problems with my anxiety again, so I decided to get it out in the world and get it out of my system. As you know I recently do some posts about anxiety and to help people find their way to this forum. I wanted to talk a bit about how things like relapse, what other people think and conflict can affect someone with anxiety so much. I experienced it myself when I went on holiday. Since I read some similar stories this week I thought it might help my little family here as well and try to get some perspective. I'm slowly starting to feel a bit better this week and it's safe to say I am back on the path of recovery.
You'll find my post here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8R...r7fdgT0jdq12tg
No obligation, just letting you know it's out there. Also if you have any questions or you want a chat, just drop me a message here and I'll respond as soon as possible I would also like to thank Yazzy for her site on anxiety. It found it enlightening. Thanks girl, you did a great job!