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Thread: Restlessness

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    Hi again!
    If any of you saw my other post I seem to remember saying I probably wouldn't post again, but I've found myself back here, just because there are so many questions bouncing around in my head and I feel that this is a big one.

    So, as a part of my anxiety I find that I am very restless almost all of the time.
    I started a new evening job recently which seems to help a little bit but when I'm at home I just feel so bored and on edge - I've tried meditation, reading, drawing etc, but nothing really seems to calm it for very long.
    Even when I had college full-time I was filled with energy and never really felt satisfied.

    I wouldn't say that this restlessness is unpleasant really, it's just a very uncomfortable state to be in almost all the time.

    I don't have many friends to keep me occupied, as antisocial as it sounds I find it frustrating to be around people for a long time - even when I'm around friends I am constantly 'buzzing' it seems - a lot of my friends have mentioned to me that I can't seem to stay still.
    (Also I live in a very small town and there isn't much to do at all.)

    Even now I am typing very fast - I seem to do everything very fast and I can't just slow down and enjoy a moment.

    Anyone got any advice for how they've dealt with this or how they feel I might be able to calm it?
    It would be really appreciated!

    Thanks for reading

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    I feel the same way... Constant nervous energy. Meditation does help me but it's short lived. There's an app called headspace that is a great "guided meditation." Good luck!



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