Hi all!
I'm currently an art student (specifically Illustration student), planning to become an art therapist. I've taught art therapy to Alzheimer's patients, and it worked wonderfully and is a huge reason of why I pursued art in the first place. I see so many benefits expressive therapy can have on every person's well-being, and have used on myself many times when I feel anxiety.

I'm trying to reach out to patients that have used art therapy to hear their perspectives on the approach.

What has worked for you? (drawing, painting, music, writing, theatre maybe a combination of things--like visual journals?)

Why has it worked and what do you feel it has done for your mental or even physical health?

Can you think of specific examples?

Can you think of any projects you would like to work on, or found yourself wishing your therapist would guide you more with?

Any thoughts, insights, and advice are greatly appreciated! Thank you.