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    Is anyone able to work while depressed?

    I have recently left 2 separate jobs due to depression and anxiety and I'm not sure where to go from here. Is anyone able to still work while dealing with major depression and anxiety? Right now I feel completely debilitated with anxiety and depression even though I'm working with a psychiatrist and therapist.
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    Yes and no. In the very acute stage of panic and anxiety I had to leave work but I was 'fortunate' enough to be on medical leave. It took me 3 months and I went back to full responsibility.

    I would say focus on getting better first and trust that the strong you will have no trouble working. If, on the road to recovery you feel 'strong enough' but not 100% you may benefit from going back to work.

    The best advice I can give you is that whether working or not, your best chance of success will be to focus one day at a time. "What is today's work? What limiting belief am I going to discover today? What light is going to peer through the darkness today, will it be something my kid's do? A flower I notice?"

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    I like Ankhsious's "yes and no" response. Spot on. It's so, so difficult. I find that if I can get through the morning the afternoon lightens up. Don't know if that's true of anyone else. I think, for me, it's getting past the dread of trying to work and how I'm going to feel (I wake with this dread and a million other worries that also subside a bit as the day goes on. Or at least they all don't feel so insurmountable) I try to take the day one moment or one step at a time and not let the dread sneak in. Anxiety makes it hard to focus as I'm sure you know. My job is very stressful even to my non-anxious/depressed colleagues and recently has become much more so. I'm struggling not to have to take a leave. I truly feel your pain and wish you the best.

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    Last year I quit my job after struggling with depression for a while. I took the next couple months off, which helped at first but then I found the nothingness was just as much a source of anxiety as the work was. I've had a couple part-time jobs since then. I found personally that certain types of jobs can really accentuate my depression while others help alleviate it. Surprisingly, I found that jobs that kept me more socially engaged were much more helpful for me (I say surprising because my anxiety definitely has a strong social element to it). Whereas office jobs have been really hard for me as it is far easier in those jobs for my mind to fixate on bad feelings/thoughts. This was even true for an office job I had in a field I was very passionate about. It obviously depends on the individual but I think that considering the type of work is definitely something to keep in mind. And also to consider that your instincts might not lead you in the best direction. (For example, my instinct tells me I want to sit alone all day in front of a screen but experience has taught me that engaging with the world is better for me, even if it does scare me).
    Working with anxiety/depression is super difficult though, and I sympathize. Don't feel bad on yourself if you do have to quit. Looking after yourself is most important and quitting might be the best thing to do even if it might feel like a failure at the time.

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    Today I am thinking our subconscious makes a decision for us as to whether the universe is friendly and loving or hostile and cold.

    Sure it's easy to say "be positive" and "be grateful" and these things definitely help but the subconscious decides for itself.

    For this reason I think that a healthy job environment with supportive social connection is better than not working because it retrains the subconscious.

    I have resolved to try to find such an environment even if it means volunteering.

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    I'm glad i'm not alone with feeling like this. Almost all jobs i've had, i've left due to my Depression and Anxiety. It' awful not being able to hold a job down, makes me feel really guilty.

    I'm off work at the minute and am currently trying to decide whether or not I can go back. I work 4 12 hour shifts a week, including 2 days and 2 night shifts. It has completely ruined my sleep pattern. I spend my days off catching up on sleep, I rarely go out anymore. I've been doing this for a little over a year.

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    I definitely know how you feel..I have had a job at Macys, and one other job in the past year and have left them both within a week of working because of my social anxiety. It feels good to read that I am not the only one that has trouble keeping jobs. I feel like everyone around me has a steady income except me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masonmoore0824 View Post
    I have recently left 2 separate jobs due to depression and anxiety and I'm not sure where to go from here. Is anyone able to still work while dealing with major depression and anxiety? Right now I feel completely debilitated with anxiety and depression even though I'm working with a psychiatrist and therapist.
    I have dysthymia (persistent mild depression) and some form of anxiety (used to be panic disorder but acts more like gad nowadays) and I work but some days its a struggle. The field I work in involves me having a lot of contact with the public so that is what makes it a struggle at times. I see a psych and therapist and have two medications that I use to help deal with symptoms (Cymbalta and Buspirone). I also try and use various coping skills and yoga to get through the really bad moments.

    The only reason I'm really able to work is because I have to keep my mind busy or my symptoms get worse. I won't deny it there are some days when trying to focus is a nightmare but then I divide tasks up into small parts to make things feel less daunting. Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle too but every day that I'm able to get out of bed is a small victory.

    Don't feel bad about not having steady employment, your medical/mental health is more important at this point in time. When you start feeling better then you can evaluate whether going back to work is an option.
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    I work from home and only have to venture in the studio about twice a month to record session artists so i'm lucky like that, but some days are tough due feeling so low i just cant get anything done, that's when a spot of mindfullness meditation comes in handy.
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    Work is rough. For everyone. But can be nearly impossible with anxiety and depression.

    I had to quit a high paying job due to both anxiety and depression. I had major anxiety for 7 years before I took the job, and then worked there for 3 years. It was brutal. But there were good parts to it as well. If you're like me, you need to keep the mind occupied or things go to shitsville really fast. One of the good things about the job is it kept my mind occupied the whole time I was there and alot of the time I would work off-hours too.

    In the end, it's not fair and it can be brutal. Although, some people get better, or at least get used to it.

    I've been off work for 1.5 years now and have to take another high-stress job to pay off debt. I'm totally unprepared and at least as bad as when I quit my last one. Scares the shit out of me all the time.

    But who knows what will happen?

    Maybe your next job will be a winner?

    By the way, I was homeless for a while after I quit my last job. Also lived in a halfway house. Those experiences gave me the knowledge that keeping a job -- even if it's unbearable -- are better than the alternatives!
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