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    Well.. here I am over a month later, and I'm still no further ahead whatsoever. I have applications everywhere and not a single call back. I even gave up all self respect and went crawling back to old employers from over a decade ago. Of course, the embarrassment and shame is outrageous for me when they realize that I am still looking for entry level jobs, and not stable in a career by now. Of course, they have no idea what I've been through over the last decade. I've suffered 2 mental breakdown that I was hospitalized for and just barely maintained to get through each day with what I'm dealing with mentally. I will never tell them what I've gone through and give people that satisfaction, because I know people from my past would love to see just what I've amounted to (nothing). It been one 'set back' after another over the years, and it almost broke me totally. In some ways I feel stronger, but overall, I feel like one big failure and a disgrace.

    Sorry I've been MIA lately, but I've found myself in a very dark place and I've barely been able to stay sane and keep my head up. I see no point in going into it all and perpetuating my negativity on others.

    Anyway, I hope everyone is doing alright here, and I didn't want people that tried to help me to think I was (am) ungrateful.

    Best wishes to all here.

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    am study just fine with any amount of depression, you just have to find a motivation to keep you going

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    Hi there, depression is the mental illness and I think one cannot able to work in depression.



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