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Thread: don't like this

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    don't like this

    My friends always come too visit me in my home but often to always I run into my room and hide. I feel as if I am getting overwhelmed and gives me anxiety. However, my friends and I are very close and known each other since we were kids. Also. I do not like going out and "chilling" with friends weather its just at someone's home or an outing. I feel like people stare at me and talk about me. I been feeling like this since I was in my early teen years (13-14 years old) as I gotten older its worsen too the point where I just wanna stay home in my bed all day which makes me depressed so I call my friends over and hide in my room.

    Why am I like this for.
    Outcast for life +__+

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    I can understand your situation. You are kinda shy person and I think you hardly interacted with the outer peoples...

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    I think you have to find good help, maybe online therapy will work for you to start with?

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    I agree with annemieke87, that it may be time to seek out some help to try to get
    your life back on track.

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    Seeking help is good advice, UnderPressure, as I don't think you can overcome this all by yourself.

    But with the help of a good therapist, you can do a lot to take control of these issues. You can do it!

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    the onli way to overcome this situation is to face it but not all at once maybe do it gradually so maybe jus try standing at ur front door for like 5 minutes and gradually increase that to 10 minutes and maybe do that for a week and then mayb the next step is sitting in ur front garden if u av one x hope this advice helps x

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    Sounds like your looking for attention which is fine in itself, however the way your doing it is self sabotage. It's an addictive cycle. To further understand this process I suggest you seek help via a Phycologist.

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    as above ^^^^
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore



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