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    29. Started when I was 21-22, after my brother unexpectedly died.

    I've been doing lately, but it was no picnic for a LOOOOONG time before I've got to this point and really...who knows if I'm really "CURED" but i'm enjoying everyday anxiety free.

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    17. --Social anxiety my whole life.
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    I'm 19 also... anxiety started this year for me.

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    im 18 and it started when i was 17

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    Quote Originally Posted by FallenAnx
    Because both nicotine and caffeine are stimulants. It would be in your best interests to avoid both these and sugar. These and any other stimulants will affect your SNS, which will already be hyper-sensitive if you've been naturally anxious for a lengthy time.

    The only path to normality is one which must be taken when you are relaxed enough to walk its route. The more you relax physically, the more reassurance the brain receives from the body; reassurance that its safe to come out of hibernation and work in sync once again. This can take anywhere from 3hrs-30yrs depending on your ability to follow the advice you are given. Once your cognition picks up (which doesn't take long at all) you can safely concentrate on countering your negative thoughts with positive ones.
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    I'm 31 and have only had anxiety issues for just over a year.

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    I am 28 years old.
    I had my first panic attack at 19. Over the past year my anxiety has become higher than the past, which was manageable.
    I have however had symptoms of anxiety since I was little. (My mom has suffered from depression and panic for over 20 years...it's genetic)
    Take Care

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    YIKES! :shock: Crap, do I feel old! So far, it looks like I'm the old-timer on this thread. I'm 54 years old, though I'm told that I do look younger (must be the rock 'n' roll that I play in my band)....Inside, however, this anxiety/panic, when it's in full time activity, makes me feel older than I am. Have had anxiety for about 35 years....but, I'm still standing

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    Im 16 and about to finish my sophmore year of high school in a few weeks. I had my first panic attack in, I want to say, secondor first grade. I've had them, and anxiety since. Aren't we a bunch of lucky people? :nono:

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    May 2008
    I'm 57 but my panic attacks started 8 years ago. It just goes to show that they can occur at any age.
    "You can come out of the fog. Just look for the lighthouse to guide your way"



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