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    Anyone ever had this simptoms ?

    I'll try to be as quickly as possible while explaining this, and please keep in mind that i'm not english and my grammar won't be the best thing you've ever seen so far in a forum. Having that said, i'll ask you what you think about my story, hoping to keep the post as short as possible.

    It started few months ago, I was a damn normal guy (and I miss those days) till I decided to try out some weed. Useless to say that experience "revealed" to my self that I was anxious enough to have a panick attack triggered by the grass session, that I never had again cuz I didn't smoked since then. But 3 months later (December 2013) , while things were normal again, I started to use caffeine, basically I wanted to boost my alertness, ability to focus, concentration & ability to learn quickly. And sorry if I'm abusing/raping the dot button. Seems awkward but I'm actually starting to like finishing off my sentences this way. Anyhow, after the first 2 caffeine-weeks of my life, (just a cup a day, to be clear) I decided to try out meditation, just after I had a coffee. I did an intense meditation of rougly 20 mins, after which I started to have "simptoms" very, very similiar to the ones I had while trying out marijuana. My hands and body were moving in frames, and this "frame vision" was VERY intense and freaked me out, I was in less than 30 seconds in front of the heater trying to get rid of the glacial cold my body was feeling in that moment. I felt dizzy and had those frames again throught the day in a less intense way. I read somehow that the panick attacks can be of this type, they should be called "dissociative" or other epic-psychiatry-kind of names I don't remember about. Really reminded me my trip on weed, but I can't say for sure that those were the effects of grass itself or a mixture between thc and the simptoms of those kinds of panick attacks.

    Then happened again few days later, because I was overthinking to a problem, there I started to make research while convincing myself I didn't lost forever my cognitive function and that my brain was not going to bleed to death while I tried to solve programming functions, and that helped (in a way)

    So the end (and the meaning) of the thread is : Panick attacks since january are kind of gone, but sometimes, when I feel a bit anxious or when I'm out whit my friends in crowded places, it may happen that I get the "frame vision" for few seconds, then it disappear right after I honestly tell to my self that this shit is no longer scaring me and that those people around are in no way going to change my mindstate. But even after the frame vision disappears, I still feel a bit lightheaded when i'm in crowdy situations... And I fear a bit to sound stupid while talking.
    I also got this "frame vision" for 60 to 90 seconds while i was walking ALONE in the beach... but I kinda "looked for it" since I was trying to fight off my fears, and as I requested, they appeared in all their majestic gorgeousness and power.

    The main subject of the topic is that what scared me most were this kind of disconnection between arms and body and the chopped frames I keep repeating and recalling 'em "frame vision" that are still not gone away, even though they don't kinda scare me that much anymore

    Are those damn things normal ? Panick attacks should last way more than just few dozens of seconds, and I should be supposed to freak out, not to actually keep doing my business till they're gone. What you do think about this ? Ever heard of those simptoms ? Will my craziness destroy my ability to make simple tasks such as typing youporn on google to spend few minutes with my right hand occupied ? Or will I still be able to work for CERN while trying to understand why neutrons and protons weight 100 times more than the quarks they are made of ? But honestly I'm a bit more interested in those simpletasks i was blabbling abou---EEEhm, I mean, would be a shame if those frames where going to decrease my cognitive ability someway.. Anyother ever had this ? Or at least some kind of explanation to...

    Thanks in advance
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    I had an awful experience after eating a weed brownie once. It was the equivalent of a bad acid trip. I was hallucinating, my memory kept resetting, I couldn't communicate properly and I felt disconnected with reality. The next day or two, when I would think about it or talk about, it started to feel like it was happening again. Anxiety and THC don't mix.
    Serenity now..

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    stay away from pot and other drugs I have been there and it makes it worse that was how I had my first panic attack. after being sober for a really long time I have not fully recovered



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