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    What about this particular spot on my walk could be causing me anxiety?

    So every other day or so, I take my dog over on a walk to this other neighborhood, she loves going there. you have to walk through the woods a bit to get there, it's up hill. So once I get up the hill to the neighborhood, I'm feeling okay, then we walk a ways down the sidewalk (downhill) then we make a right turn down another sidewalk, which is also going downhill.. and suddenly, I start feeling weird, I feel out of place, disoriented, freaking out basically, something just feels off, and we start walking uphill at that point, I still don't feel better..I hate this feeling, it lasts til we make our way around the circle, and I go back downhill in the woods and get back to my neighborhood..

    I just wonder what is setting off my anxiety about this.. its it a change in altitude messing with my sinuses? Not a very big one, but the neighborhood is up on a hill kind of.. Anyone with anxiety knows that any subtle change in how the body is feeling can set off an attack when there is danger of one precipitating..

    and what should I do to avoid having this attack in the future?

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    Rely on your dog, he knows what he is doing
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    Wow, funny, talk about belittling someone's problem.. Can you please stop answering my forum questions and leave me alone? Thanks.

    If anyone has a REAL answer to this, I would much appreciate.

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    The strange feelings your getting are anxiety and nothing to do with your sinuses or the altitude, vertigo etc.

    The disorientation, unreality feelings etc, are because you body is concentrating on the flight and fight response from adrenaline. The finer workings of your mind are dulled. For example if you faced a sabre tooth tiger, your priority would be to run, not do a bit of calculus! Except in that case you'd not notice the unreality feeling because of getting ready to run! You also hyperventilate which also means you feel weird because of too much oxygen in your blood.

    But In your case there is no tiger , BUT there is only the fear So you interpret the feeling of your mind being dulled as if something is seriously wrong. You may think you will faint or go insane or become so confused that you forget where you are or who you are. Remember your mind is dulled because all priority is going to the flight and fight reaction centre of your mind! in reality you will not faint, or go insane etc, what good would that be if confronted with a tiger? Lol

    You have nothing else to think about but your own bodily feelings. Which makes you more anxious, your mind is dulled you breath in more oxygen as if you are running from a non existent tiger. You feel even more weird. And so on until it becomes a panic attack or until you reach the safety of your own neighbourhood.

    [Why is the anxiety only in that area on your walk?
    The first time you did that walk for some reason you felt anxious. Maybe because it was the point if longest distance from your home. You felt weird and that scared you. Now every time you reach that same location, the fear starts again, because you expect to feel weird. It's only the fear of anxiety that's the problem. Anticipatory anxiety. The thing to do is NOT stop going on that same walk but start believing that all you're fearing is yourself and the flight and fight response, that can not do you any harm. No harm. That you will not faint, you will not go insane or become so confused that you loose your identity and forget where you are. And you won't become totally lost.



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