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Thread: There is hope

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    its good to see that this can be overcome, i have been dealing with it for about a year and a half now, most days i stay in my room and watch movies, usually the same ones. or read, im on methadone so i have to leave the appartment once a day anyway but im used to the pharmacy and the staff, but i cant even get a haircut without having an anxiety attack, ive been dealing with other health issues too, my thyroid and i just got diagnosed with long qt syndrome of the heart. ive been on clonazepam and celexa for a while but i still find myself barring the outside world and i'm fearfull of most things, i went to the urgent care clinic yesterday because i was having a bad panic attack and they gave me some reading material and stuff to go over, that brought me here. so i thought i'd take a chance and post my story/feelings. there is alot more but this is just to start. i feel for anyone in my position, this is a horrible condition. anyway thanks

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    Hi. I signed up back in February but experienced password/email problems. Anyhow I just got around to returning and am delighted I did.



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