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    Oh no, just the fact you are taking your time in trying to address my concerns is more than enough.

    Right now I feel fairly confident I will live.

    I just need to deal with anxiety my own way, medication isn't the answer for me.

    Basically I need to eat right, try to exercise, simply tackle my stressors no matter how bad I feel doing it, writing down what I think my emotions are (because a lot of people with anxiety don't make the right connections with their emotions, they simple close them off) and analyze them, try to think about that is bothering me and cry like a normal person.

    Just simple stuff like that can combine and if not cure my anxiety at least alleviate some of it.

    I am lucky to have some sort of willpower, and even luckier to have some form of support system.

    Thanks for your posts,
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    I'm 101% sure that you will live.

    You can take every measure you want to make your life more healthy but until you accept that you can never be sure about your health, I feel it will all be in vain.

    The mind is like a maze; the deeper you get into it, the harder it is to get out.
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    Yeah, well easier said than done

    I think my main problem is that I feel that I haven't done anything productive my life. I could have scholarships to many decent universities if I had applied myself. Then the death of my mother came along and I am sad I can't show her anything that I can accomplish.

    So basically my problem is guilt and the fear that something may hold me back from living my life. That something is only myself. So basically its a mix of a lot of things.

    On a side note, its been about 48 hours since I been off Lexapro and my twitches are slowing down to a bearable rate.



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