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    Question Does anxiety affect your taste?

    Considering yesterday was Thanksgiving for most of us that live in North America, I'm sure a lot of us stuffing our faces like crazy.
    Something new that I noticed, though, is that it seems like my taste wasn't as... strong(?)... as usual.
    I could still taste things, but they seemed more bland, or just generally different-tasting.
    My question, is have/do any of you experience that?
    Thanks for answering!

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    I have experienced this too, and, for some reason, it seemed to have gone away when I stopped thinking about it after a month or so. My doctor checked my blood sugar level, and it was fine. She thinks I was just eating too much sugar. Do you experience hypersensitivity to spices with this? If so, it could be just a simple benign thrush infection on your tongue. Easily resolved with some medicine from your doctor. You can certainly talk to your doctor about it. Your doctor is the person who should be considering everything you are experiencing withing the context of your medical history and other symptoms.
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