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    What's sort of anxiety am I suffering from?

    My panic attacks seem to set off my I feel like I am trapped at a certain event for a certain amount of time. The best example I can give is when I board a train panic attack kicks in as I feel I am trapped on the train adm there's nothing I can do about it. If the train journey is a short one, my panic is at a low level. But if the journey exceeds say 30min I panic like I'm trapped on there forever. The biggest gear is been sick or needi the toilet when I can't get to it. The same happens anywhere say a social event and sometimes work. I feel like i am trapped there for a certain amount of time. As the time draws to and end e.g end of shift or train pulling into my station the panic completey disappears and I think "why the hell do in panic for no reason" it's not social because I'm thing in pubs buys it's mainly journeys or places I'm need to be for a certain amour of time makes me me panicey and sick like i am trapped!

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    A part of a panic attack is feeling trapped. Don't sweat it bro.

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    I'm not saying you have agoraphobia, but it reminds me of my agoraphobia that I used to have really bad. Anything that means you have to stay somewhere for a certain period of time and couldn't leave made me freak out a whole lot. Here's some examples of things that would scare me:

    Getting my haircut, riding in a car that someone else was driving, going to jury duty, being dropped off anywhere, going on an airplane (not because I was afraid of it crashing because I was afraid of being stuck on it!), and many more things.



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