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    I recently wrote a great book by Dr. David Burns called Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, and even though it's primarly on depression I found it to be tremendously helpful for someone suffering from anxiety too. I'd encourage you to get acquainted with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnxietyAmbz View Post
    Its stupid that recently i have been reading books and seeking advice as i develop anxiety leaving so far from the house. It started as a fear of going to doctors after bad experiences and got worse to going anywhere....but nobody has summed it into this type if anxiety. Im hoping now i know this and im in the right place i can hopefully overcome this.
    Any positive stories or advice or similar stories welcome. Xx
    I discovered something recently that made my agoraphobia make much more sense. Someone described it to me as a coping mechanism, a way for you to deal with your underlying fear. By not leaving the home, you are protecting yourself against that which makes you scared. My agoraphobia started getting better as I started to understand it. I still have it now, but going for CBT soon. And even though I still have agoraphobia. I can leave the house again and go into some stores by myself. I even have a trip planned to a thunder concert in February. This can be cured, it just need some brain reprogramming

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    Anxiety can make you housebound. Even walking down the street can be a nightmare.

    You need to know what triggered your anxiety.

    Mine I think was my intense shyness which progressed to mild GAD and then social anxiety where even stepping outside my home was a nightmare.

    I have started treatment and once I stop typing, I am going for a walk down a long street as part of my exposure therapy.

    There's an article here about how someone cured his anxiety using amino acids and magnesium. Another used Vitamin D

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    In my opinion, to battle with agoraphobia, you have to start with the little things. For me it was taking a walk nearby everyday for at least 30 minutes. You can choose the time when you think you'll meet less people, put in your earphones (however it seperates you from the "real world" in a way), and just walk. After a few weeks I felt much better when, for example I went to the cinema or a bar at night. So in my experience it opens new possibilities and I even felt some kind of (not anxiety-related) excitement to go out with friends. Unfortunately you can easily stop this routine, I haven't done it since Christmas unfortunately, but I'm going to restart it today.

    overcomeanxietytoday: Magnesium really helps in a way, not that I don't feel anxiety, but maybe it's less intensive.
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    Agoraphobia is a very severe disorder. It needs to be treated in a reliable medical way.

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    Try to fill your mind with positive thoughts.



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