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    Thank you gotta start small to get big x

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    chloe please dont give up... i have been so ill for 2 years and 10 weeks ago put myself in hospital by abruptly stopping diazepam and my body was ravished with withdrawls... i too have been at this point your at but listen to me you cant go any lower so the only way is up even if you dont move up at first there are better days ahead ... i was so suicidal just a month ago my mood isnt great but i have to try... im on duloxetine they really helping and there are no real side effects with them... i was on propranalol for 17 years but had to stop them too as my heart is skipping and irregular tried not taking any today and its not as bad... we will see how it goes.... ive been hiding in my room for 7 months coz no one knows what its like to face every day thats such a struggle and you think whats the point of getting up??
    try not to think negatively as it can influence your state of mind xxxxxx

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    The beta blockers don't really help they make sick and it's like my body wants to have an anxiety attack if that makes sense.
    It's so hard to stay positive when only negative things happen. I've tried helping myself and then I get kicked when I'm down. It's so hard I'm trying to stay positive.
    Thanks for all your support.

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    Have you tried to get the negatives influences away from you? I know it can't always but some such as 'friends' you can. If the propranolol is making you feel this way have you spoken to your doctors about it? I would and ask for something different, as I say a lot in work 'it's different strokes for different folks'. Things can get better and will get better, I've been the lowest of the low in my time having charcoal and stomach pumps due to overdoses in my teens, to having my mum raid my house and take away my tablets only giving me the daily amount prescribed in my early 20's. now in my late 20's I feel if I've beaten feeling like that I can and will beat this anxiety too!! And I think that involves having the right set of people around you as well. Find what brings you that slight bit of happiness and hold onto it, think of it in a bad time. I'm not a firm believer of god but I read this saying by mother Theresa once and it rung true 'i know god wont give me anything i cant handle... I just wish he didn't trust me so much'



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