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    This problem with flying is killing me

    So here i Am again ! Vacationtime ! With girlfriend who wants To get away flying ! I cant i fu***ng cant go on that plane ! So klaustrofobic!!! What the hell Am i gonna do ! Sorry bout My bad language but im so frustrated !!!

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    Try Ativan! Talk with your doctor about it

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    I have used a benzo for years as yes, being locked in a place(agoraphobia) is a real problem and will be for you and maybe the crew if you're really having a hard time so ask about a med like ativan, klonopin or valium and take it over an hour before boarding so it's at full effect(plus a trial to see how it effects you before hand). I fly all the time......but would not without valium or another benzo at a proper dose. You have to have a relationship with a doc to have one rx'ed routinely. But if you have anxiety that's the way to go. See a doc to help you manage your anxiety. Alankay



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