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    Anxiety when entering college

    I have been looking for help on this for ever with no results, so i was hoping that this website that is dedicated to anxiety would help me. I was always outgoing in high school, and i was pretty fine in social situations. Once i got to college (im now in second year) i started developing pretty bad anxiety, i am not sure what created it, but its really annoying. When sitting in class, i sometimes get really anxious (mostly in classes that are completely packed and im super close to other people) and i start to get nervous twitches. They are not particularly bad, but my neck will sometimes spontaneously twitch, and its really awkward. Any advice?

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    I also was popular in HS even getting nominated to homecomming Court. I found the same difficulties in college although I believe I have an underlying mood problem as well I face anxieties all the time. Once you make a good staple of friends you will care a little less about others. It is tough, going from a school in which you know everyone and can interact with everyone to a school that you know noone. I'm there with you, only 1 semester left for me.



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