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    Just typing out loud

    I've gotten out of the "dark" place since coming to this forum, and another forum I'm trying on for size. Having my normal Waiting to go to work anxiety right now. It sux.. I don't go to work until evenings and the whole day I spend thinking about going to work, checking the clock. I guess I'm just posting to get my mind off of it. Didn't sleep much last night, i found a crazy new Netflix original series called Hemlock Grove. So far it has a werewolf, I'm not sure what the other people are yet. It was definitely the most freaky and grotesque werewolf transformation I've seen. i like that the show is very mysterious, some things dont make sense, but you want to see where it goes next.

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    That's good that you have found something to occupy your time, and not spending it worrying.
    Ive never heard of that show, I will have to check it out.



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