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    Paxil Sexual Side Effects

    I'm thinking about going on Paxi for anxiety and some OCD...my father is on it and it helps him a lot so my doc says it would probably work best for me. I'm concerned though because I just started dating a girl (I'm 21 yrs old), and I've heard some horror stories about Paxil's sexual side effects. Has anyone experienced these effects? Will they cripple the intimacy in my relationship? Has anyone NOT experience these effects? Any info about this will be helpful in making my decision! Thanks!

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    Hi Rockwell

    I used to take Seroxat, which is the UK equivalent of Paxil, and I had terrible trouble achieving erection and ejaculation.

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    My experience

    I have been on Paxil for some time now, and I have had a really hard time acheiving an orgasm.I have had some really good help from Paxil though so I hope that that is something positive to think of.

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    I was on Paxil for anxiety a few years ago. After a few weeks you should get past the side effects, at least I did. My wife enjoyed them for a while, :tongue: . It took about a week until I stated to feel better and then about 4 week until I felt normal.
    For about a month now I've had a spacy feeling, kind of like I'm dreaming, can't concentrate, and lightheaded. I went back and the doctor put me back on Paxil, i just started yesterday.



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