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    Anxiety physically affecting me

    I know this isn't healthy at all. I hate it. Whenever I get anxious I get this nervous feeling in my stomache- sometimes its unbearable. I have it in my head that if i eat something I will throw up- so I go without food usually until my hunger takes over all feelings. I've been this way for a while and I am so skinny. 5'7 and 107 lbs. I am trying to gain weight but it's hard with this thing fighting against me. I am looking for other ways to subside or cope with my anxiety other than starving myself. Please help

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    This is not healthy...you have to eat some protein no matter how bad you do not want to...This will make you feel better ultimately...Hang in there and keep battling.

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    I know where you're coming from and let me ask you, have you tried Yoga, Pilates and running? I know it sounds like a common thing to suggest, but for some people including myself it can really help. Also, what I would do if I were you is maybe start off slow. If you feel like you can't eat anything, maybe you should try drinking your meals. Think of it like this, if you drink juice or water throughout the day, which I'm sure you do to stay alive, then you should try drinking other things like meal replacement shakes or protein shakes that are high in calories, protein, and vital nutrients.

    This would make it easier to ingest, as you're not eating food, and you're also getting the required calories and nutrients to gain weight. This way you can gradually work your way up from drinking your meals, to eating small pieces of fruits or bread, and so on.... You'll have much better results if you break everything down first and start slowly. Just make sure you start immediately, otherwise you will continue to lose weight. Get those essential calories and nutrients up in you and go from there. Hope this helps and take care.

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    Hi Lolliepopgirl, I also am suffering with the same as you!! Im not eating due to my chronic anxiety and social phobia! I also cant eat in front of people even my family.I feel for you Lolliepop its such a distructive path were going down. Are you on Medication or do you have a good Doctor you can talk to? I think you need some medical advice. If you ever need to talk pm me ok...Hang in there! Beverley :-)

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    I needed to as it was as if I was reading something I had posted.

    I have argued for years that I dont have anorexia.
    I do have anorexia. Only not in the form you would typically think.

    It is hard to distinguish between the two.
    Is anxiety controlling my anorexia, or vice versa?

    I am clinically anorexic - so I guess I am. Be it through anorexia itself or anxiety.

    Sorry I went on there.

    Since you described me. I will tell you I how I help myself.

    I need to fight...and I mean fight my way through having breakfast. I find it a very challenging task.

    Even if it is only half a biscuit you have for breakfast. Any little helps.
    Breakfast really is the most important meal.

    I have found that when I have breakfast, the hunger pains I feel come lunch time are enough to make me eat another little thing. Same when tea time comes.
    As the days go by, im slowly increasing my food intake - without even realising.

    If I skip breakfast which is alot when my mood is low. I find that I can go days with only eating a couple of biscuits...with ease.

    It is real hard as I say. But possible.
    If something triggers my anxiety, and I allow it to affect my anorexia then obviously my mood drops. Which affects my anxiety, which affect my anorexia.

    Sometimes it feels like a never ending battle. But, it really is a battle worth fighting.

    I now know that I wont be sick if I eat that biscuit on a morning. It is all in my head. Same as all the illnesses my health anxiety brings when that is kicking off.

    Challenge your mind. If it says you are going to be sick - then just do it. If you be sick, you be sick. It is not going to kill you, and what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

    You will never know if you dont try.

    You know what happens when you listen to your mind when its telling you you will be sick.
    You stop eating properly and it becomes unhealthy.

    What is the worst that can happen?

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    I know exactally how you feel. If i never had to eat again I would be a happy person. I hate food, if they ever invent pills that we can take that would provide proper nutrition i would so be on board. Unfortunately everyone needs to eat to live. Also for me I suffer from Migraines and not eating properly will trigger a bad one! But Sometimes my mind tricks me into thinking if i eat something i will feel ill. I feel like my stomache is full of acid and if i upset the balance I will be sick. these are the days when i have alot of little meals. sometimes as small as one cracker. then 10minutes later another maybe with PB on it this time. Sometimes i have to work myself up to a meal. All i know is that when i dont eat it makes me worse and i get a migraine. so to avoid this i have little meals frequently throughout the day. Usually by the end of the day I can work myself up to a full meal for dinner



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