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Thread: Starved

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    Any one ever have trouble eating? I havent eaten in about two days (todays the third) because i feel if i do i will just throw it all up.

    The bitch about this, is that i can not really figure out whether it is all in my head or if i am really sick. And i am not a very full person so i am really running on empty....It also doesnt help that i have been going through Panik Attacks one after another for about a day and a half. Still am...damn it.
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    Yes Angel, there are times that I have a hard time getting myself to eat. This always happens when I am at a peak in my anxiety over something. It can last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, but I always pull through it.

    I think that if it doesn't get better by tomorrow or the next day that you should see your dr. about it. Maybe there is something they can do for you to settle your stomach so you can feel like you can eat again. I would try and eat at least toast or drink a glass of milk or something like that. Don't just eat nothing all day long. That can start to upset your stomach as well.

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    I agree with Cath.. you should see a doc about this and in the meantime try to eat something, even if its just apple sauce or pudding or fruit or veges.

    Actually, one thing I love to drink when I can't eat solid food is 'Ensure plus' - the chocolate kind is like drinking a milkshake, yumm. Plus it gives you at least some of the nutritional values you need. (and no, its not a drink just for old people either hehe)

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    Since I started to get my anxiety/panic back, I cannot eat out at restaurants. I can't even at at home when everyone else sits in the table. It triggers my anxiety alot! What i do is just wait for everyone to eat and then I eat the food later on. It is better than nothing, thats for sure. Even my appetite has decreased by more than half and I am getting stomach upsets when I eat but if you do not eat I heard it can gets worse.
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    When my anxiety was at its worst, I was also completely unable to eat or drink anything except little sips of ginger ale. Not eating is a vicious circle because when you don't eat, you get surges of adrenaline as your body tells you you need to eat, now! But you can't because you're afraid to vomit. At my worst, after about 3 days of that crap, I went to the doctor, my GP. I told her that I was completely unable to eat because of anxiety. She gave me a scrip for some Ativan for short term use and for Buspar to try out and see if it worked, and she gave me a referral to a psychiatrist.

    Less than an hour after I took the Ativan, I was able to slowly eat a burger and fries (unhealthy, I know!) with no fear of vomiting.

    Ativan was a good medication for me in the short term as I tried out other meds and started exercising and going to cognitive-behavioral therapy.

    Does Pepto-Bismol work for you at all, or antacids? Now that I am a little better, either Pepto or antacids like Tums (or both) will tame the acid in my tummy so I can eat regularly.

    My heart really goes out to you, I have been in your exact position and I clearly remember the terror.

    Let us know what happens.

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    Hi Angel, I know what you are going thorough, I barely ate anything for 4 months and i lost so much weight however it made my anxiety worse and the fear of being sick increased. The doc gave me meterclopramide, you can buy it from your pharmacy or have it on prescription, I have a sensitive stomach so take half doses but it works, I am eating a lot better now, it is great becaue it stops me felling sick afterwards.
    I hope this helps, please just try to eat something, it will help.



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