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    this makes me so mad! i do not understand why some one has to pay a ton of money to feel normal! i am going through the same thing, my insurance wont even cover my phychiatrist appointments so i barely could afford to go there! my agoraphobia is getting bad because i cant go to the places i once loved like the beach or on any type of vacation. I cant even go a half hour away without thinking i might panic!
    "Your mind is like a maze, the further you go in the more harder it is to get out"

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    Re: Killing yourself???

    Quote Originally Posted by louiseevans222
    Depression and anxiety is a mind thing, once you change your thinking, you have the power to think whatever you want...
    This is exactly what I found to be true! Without learning how to counter my thoughts with the cbt exercises I would not be where I am today. It feels so good to be off meds and in charge of my destiny now.



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