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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahila View Post
    This is such BS and it is going on for years on this forum.
    Totally in agreement D. This is one thread that's wasting space. Extremely unbalanced.

    Emma77, If you want professional medical advice then please go see a medical professional. All this focus on Vitamin D is causing you more anxiety than said BS claims of curing ability. Put as much effort into other areas of your life and will far exceed the benefits of pumping yourself full of D3. Homeostasis lvling of chemicals is yet even more BS D. When you factor in the importance of synergy compared to this kind of hysteria ... BS does not even come close to this fairy tail.

    I think it's more than fair to put in our objections to ensure others are not hood winked into thinking all one need do is pump themselves full of D3. My Vegas Nerve feels so much better now having said ABC ... perhaps now I may even be able to actually absorb 123. LOL at our mainstream lvling system. It's a joke!
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    )) could not stop laughing heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    Thank you very much Ali for your private message.

    I am going to my local shop Planet Organic to buy the Vitamin D3 drops, chelated magnesium, and calcium.
    I don't have any other problems (kidney, diabetes, ...) so it is safe for me.

    I am happy to start my treatment!!

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    Vitamin D3 is so important for the body especially in winter. I'll go and buy it too!!

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    This is amasing about vitmin D3. It's so simple and effective.



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