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    Social anxiety with my appearance

    I am dealing with extreme anxiety regarding my looks and my weight. I am ashamed to go in public and am fearful of anyone making a comment about how fat or ugly I am. I hate my looks because I have gained weight in grad school. Gained a masters degree and job, and got way uglier. Ah help with strategies to go out and try to be myself?

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    You've probably heard this before, but what you see in yourself is often what others see. If you are confident in yourself, people will hardly notice your flaws. If you curl up and pray no one notices you because you think you're ugly and overweight, they will see that in you. The main thing is to gain confidence, and to gain confidence you must begin to be proud of yourself!

    Our facial features never change, and you must accept them for all their flaws and beauty. In my experience, we are never as ugly OR as beautiful as we think we are. Never become too arrogant OR too hard on yourself C:

    As for your weight, perhaps that's a start? I've lost 30 pounds since May, and because of that I'm suddenly extremely more comfortable in being me, in my face (which I used to think was ugly) AND in my body. It's a struggle to start, but even losing 5 pounds boosts your confidence.

    If you don't want to lose weight, just realize you are amazing in yourself. Love yourself wholly. We have this one life, why waste it thinking badly of yourself? Try and remind yourself everyday that one day you will be dead, and existence should not be wasted hating yourself when the only person you'll have for the rest of your life undoubtedly is yourself.

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    I lost a lot of weight last year because I feared that I could end up with diabetes or heart disease, and with good reason.

    However, I didn't lose it to look better.

    Their has to a balance regarding looks. I don't want to look real messy. But I don't care about looking perfect, either. People will like me just as much if I don't look perfect.



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