If you are facing anxiety attacks, panic attacks, panic disorder,phobia, fear etc... Then I can see what u must be going through at this moment because even I was one from u a few months before. As everyone here I was a very healthy person and one afternoon I was hit with unknown fear and discomfort, all the symptoms proved that I was hit with anxiety attacks, panic, phobia and what not.. My world turned upside down and as I was staying in an another country far from home I was more terrified. I couldn't go for work, I felt life was over. My debts, single mom, career, family and everything was becoming worrisome and I left hope of my life for weeks and I thought I will change the line of my career and moved back to my country. I have consulted many psychologists, hypno therapists, natural therapies, change in diet and what not... But then I was suggested by my sister to a course of "artofliving" and I felt things have changed but the point was I had to practice it everyday and after 3 days I thought I am the new superman on this planet and let off practice but again I started to feel the vibes but whenever I take time and practice it everyday I was happy and there was no bothering but for 3-4 days when I stop practice the panic symtops in a very little quantum use to show up and then I was asked to take an advanced course in it and I was reluctant but call it a miracle or planned by god, I was in that city where the advanced course happens(that is an incident to remember, I was partying at a friends place one night and all of sudden everyone said lets go to "Bangalore" and we drove there)l then when I took the advanced course(which was amazing) it is a 3 day program with all silence and lots of meditation everyday and everytime I sit for meditation with them"many negative thoughts, fear flashes, shivering has happened and the teachers answer for that was all my negativity was going out but I didn't believe them" but after the four day course I came out with flying colors, my life has changed for good... Life is back into normal and more amazing and attractive now, but again u should practice it everyday and you will start to love the practice and will be looking at the clock for the time for practice. This was my experience and I have completely loved it... All depends with u... And believe me it is quite affordable for the westners and many. And also a word of caution.. There are couple of anti artofliving blogs over the Internet" may be they r true with their experiences" but for me and many more it was wonderful. If u want to talk to me about ur problem email me at deenathreddyrocketmailcom. Bye